Why some teachers call me the most frustrated student of FAST.

They might be right to some extent ….. but this is not like I m the most frustrated student in the world ….. I am calm … cool … n chill … chap. This is stainless Haseeb ……… a totally tension free guy.

The reason of my so called frustration is the system and all happenings that happened with me and my colleagues during the last two semesters.  The teachers haven’t taught that much but expect more from us … always blame that we are careless people but never look at themselves what is to teach n what they are teaching …. now after completing three years at FAST when I look at myself!  as a Tele Communication Engineer I have no skills. I even don’t know how to design a System {a simple system}.

I was going to the software side but when I concerned my elders they all said the there is a lot of scope in Tele Communication sector ….. today after completing  three years I was searching for internship but haven’t got a single call for interview. I applied around 10 Tele Communication Companies. Here all you need is a strong source (contact) to get in, and if you don’t have any then only God can Help you and University is least concerned about it.

So these are the causes of my frustration. I am very much worried about my carrier b/c I didn’t got a 4 weeks internship ho do I’ll get a job. My problem is that I not talk about myself only but I talk for all. Now I am just waiting … when my last year would be completed and when I’ll get rid of FAST and I always pray to got that I don’t want to spent a single day after completing 4 years. All readers wish me best of luck 🙂


a so called frustrated guy



  1. Taimoor said,

    August 22, 2006 at 5:34 pm

    haha… Man you should give the link to your blog to YIZ and other similar people. Lets see what are their comments about your anit FASTian ravings

  2. has333b said,

    August 24, 2006 at 6:31 pm

    han phir meri DC paaaki

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