You might have heard these mottos that


Police ka hai farz Madad app ki…………….. 😛


Fooorii madad k liyee  15 dial kareen …………. lolz


Well I’ll tell you a true story ….. call it a true happening that happened with me few days before. These days I am working as a Task Officer in Ecommerce Gateway, on 18th August 2006 I along with my colleges were coming back from GALA Dinner of Health Asia 2006 held at Country Club {Golf Club}. We were five friends and were coming in Suzuki Khyber. The two of us (Me and my Manager) live in Nazimabad and the rest of the three live in Gulshan. So we planned that they will drop us at Hassan Square and from there we will take a Taxi and go to Nazimabad and they will move to Gulshan, but at Main ‘Hassan Square’ when my college stoped his car to drop us, out of the blue two persons along with a there Black Pistol came and said to me “ Chal bahi wapas Ander” but when he saw that there are already three persons in the car, he pushed me back and rapidly sit in the car ……. from the other side the second person sit in the car and put that gun on the neck of my college{on driving seat} and asked him to drive the car.


We immediately went towards the policemen sitting just few steps away from the place of incident in uniform {brown pant n blue shirt}, there we were shocked when we heard from policemen that they are off duty now and there duty was in

Center. Then we went to the Police Station but they said that this is a traffic Police Station not for other crimes so go there to report. In sad and disappointed mood we came out that police station and we saw a Police Mobile, for an instant we thought that we are lucky but instead of going towards those criminals they started a question answer session by asking the same questions more than 30 times. We at the same time were also trying to call ‘15’ but that number was either engage or busy(simply nobody was there to attend the call). We then sat in that mobile and went to the Aziz Bhatti Police Station …….. there we heard another shocking information when the ASI said that as the criminals went towards NIPA therefore the FIR would be registered/entered in Gulshan Police Station. When we were going to the Police Station my college called our BOSS and told him about the incident. When we were in Police Station {Aziz Bhatti } our Boss came and soon the SHO of that Police Station called the ASI and ordered him that they are special persons so I don’t want any complain(b/c the Boss shaked his contacts).


After that Telephone Call everything completely changed but this was of no use now. We went to Gulshan Police Station and they said that as the incident is happened in Hassan Square so Aziz Bhatti Police Station should register the FIR (simply nobody wanted to letdown the reputation of there police station so they were not ready to register the FIR), there we also came to know that our college who’s car was snatched also came here and he has now gone to his Petrol Pump near NIPA. So we went there and the ASI of Aziz Bhatti Police Station was with us. There we again tried to call 15 but again the number was busy or engaged. Summarizing the onwards story, we started to search the car around Gulshan(Nipa) but in vain. Then we in distress and sadness mood came back to our home. They(criminals) took 3 Mobiles, A Handy Cam of Worth of 60,000/- and a Caber Shot of approx worth of 25,000/- so in short they took around 1 Lack Rupees, but what I believe they were not lucky our police system is pathetic. This was my first experience with police and I pray to god that this should be the last as well. The world’s most hopeless, pathetic, ineffective system. They are in Police not to secure people but they are the for collecting money in all illegal manners. I think they are the one who are main cause of all crime and all terrorism activities. If at that time instead of question answer session if they had gone towards the criminals I am sure that they could have been arrested them ….. but they were least concerned about it.


I pray for all of you that you never face a problem like this in your entire life … amen.



  1. Taimoor said,

    August 25, 2006 at 7:31 pm

    We might have taken it very lightly the other day you were telling us about at the university, but reading it now made me realize the seriousness of the situation and how frustrationg and irritating the entire crime reporting episode would have been for you guys.

    I sympathize with you and hope that none of us ever have to face a situation where we have to rely on these pathetic law enforcers.

  2. December 31, 2006 at 9:09 pm

    your blog is so nice, thx

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