From ITCN to Food Agri n Live Stock is a chain of events organized by Ecommerce Gateway. These events are ITCN Asia 2006, Health Asia 2006, Build Asia 2006, Food Agriculture & Live Stock Asia 2006. During my summers I was just surfing around internet ….. there on chat one of ma friend remind me to arrange passes for ITCN Asia 2006 I just went to ITCN Asia website and emailed ma resume to Ecommerce Gateway HR department. After around a week or two I got a call to volunteer for ITCN. I was free in summers and was very much busted at my home, so decided to volunteer at ITCN Asia. When I came for the interview I came to know that there is a chain of events to be held after very little gaps. There I maked ma mind that I will volunteer for all events.

Ok! now I got a call on same day of interview to come to expo center tomorrow. The next day I went to the university for ma registration in next semester(7th semester), there I got stuck in traffic, blocked due to the Bridge Construction near Qaidabad. I went Expo Center around 2 hours late. I did informed at the Ecommerce Gateway Office that I m stuck at quaidabad. There I meet Ashar Noman … he’s Media Coordinator at ECG. He told me that I am in Press & Media Department and in that they have further sub-division and ma sub group was ‘Coverage’. He also said to me to come tomorrow (ON time 😀 ) and collect ma Badge. That day I meet Ashar Noman, Shahriyar and Emad Siddiqui …. and I found  very friendly and cooperative attitude of all of them. I am quoting this here b/c few days before ITCN I also worked as volunteer in Microsoft PDC’06 and that was ma most pathetic experience. Well the next day I went to Expo Center and met with ma whole press & media team. The team was cool and everyone was cooperative and friendly. There we also got some good advices from Adeeb Ajaz – G.M. Communication. Though he is a G.M. but he never showed any sort of attitude, haughtiness or n e sort of self-importance. He is always a like a Elder Brother with very polite (advice) tone. He never loses his temper in n e situation. Always used to guide us on our mistakes.On the same day(one day before ITCN’06) I also came to know that the media team has to setup his whole office which included Computers along with internet. Fax, Printers, Photocopier etc. The divided there whole infra structure in:

·        Back Office

                              ·        Media Center

·        Press Briefing Area

·        Hi Tea Area

I stayed there whole night, giving them a helping hand. Though I have spent several nights in these sort of activities at University but this was ma first experience in Expo Center. We went to home at around 5 o clock (Morning) and at 9:00 am I have to again report at Expo Center. That was a tough time but I was used to it so ……. nothing new!No area was defined for the coverage team. Our basic task was to cover{Record} every happing in the event which included all Exclusive Interviews of Government Officials, Press Briefings, Exhibitors Interviews, Interviews of Guest of Honors, Plag Distribution, Seminars, anything  any Happening during the event was our task to either make shoot a video or record it in a Sound Recorder(USB Drive) or sometimes both. We then hand over all the coverage material at Media Center. The Media Center team used to prepare a Press Release from that coverage material and distribute it in the Press and Media which included all TV Channels, Radio Channels, News Papers, Magazine and any other media. We also got a still Camera (Cyber Shot) to upload the Pictures (Fresh Pictures) on website.

I was a Camera Man 😀 {Remember the word of Adeeb Bhai … ‘ Kabhi bayroozgaar nahin phiroo gay}. As I have described above that was all my duty to cover every happening. That was a tough job, might be looking easy in words but in actual it’s a kick ass responsibility.

ITCN is the most Mega event of Ecommerce Gateway in Fall Session so the number of GOH and Govt. Officials were more as compared with other events.

Health Asia held just after 6 days of ITCN was a bit chill event. There were very few Guest of Honor, Govt. Officials and it was in only two halls where as ITCN was in 4 Halls. Two Days before Health Asia I also got a chance to visit TV-One and Rung TV which was also a too good experience ;).

Similarly after few days Build Asia was held which was also in four Halls. It was also a sturdy event, spread on 4 halls just like ITCN. There the GOH and Number of Government Officials were not more but most of the time they many arrive at the same time so that situation used to become very challenging that at the same time you have to cover all of them.

Then finally the last one Food Agriculture and Live Stock Asia, this was the event organized in collaboration with Export Promotion Bureau(EPB). In this the ECG had only one hall and two halls were booked by EPB where they organized Honey and Date show. This was also a cool n calm event with very few GOH and Govt Officials but here the new thing was, I (Sunday Exports) participated in it which was the first and too good experience in expo center.

Now I am a professional Camera Man 😀 …..  I haven’t used that much movie camera in ma life time before. The team (ECG) from G.M. to Task Officers it was just like working in a family environment. Adeeb Bhai, Huma Baji, Ashar Bhai, Salman Bhai, Faisal Bhai, Imad Siddiqui, Emad Ullah, Yasir, Sabeen, Zainab, Ayesha, Kaleem Bhai, Noman, Tooba, Yusra, Misha, Jawad, Munir …… .there is a bunch of more names …. All of them were very co operative. I can never forget the time I spent with them(which also includes all the Tafree at Tafree In) and I will never think twice to say that this was the best voluntary experience I ever had in ma life.


stainless Haseeb    


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