Online 20th – An Achievement

When I took this responsibility, I took it as a challenge, coz I am a totally an anti-bookworm …. With a limited vocabulary and Gulabi emglish …… even though I was confident that I can do it!

At the end of it I would say that no doubt it is tough, infact the most hectic then any of the previous works that I have done.

You start up with the editorial and then move towards designing at the same time you do efforts to collect handsome budget through Marketing, fetching sponsors …. sometimes even in a public buses …. After all that production/printing phase comes this is again a sturdy job sitting at the printers office till 1 A.M. finalizing the pages then coming back to home in taxi … tired and a lil scared 😀

But yes! … I will always remember 30th June 2007

The day when I got the biggest achievement of my life {up till now :)} …. It could have been the luckiest day of my life … if just one thing more had happen that day … seriously just one! … will never mention that here 😛

Still it was the day when I got appreciation from everyone, especially I can’t forget the moment when my father gave me a tight HUG and said that I am proud of you.

But this was not solely my effort …. I can never forget the support of my team members specially Sanah, Rabia & Nabeel and yeah special thanks to Arif Mir for publishing it on time 😀 … this was not less then a Mission Impossible.

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