On mission JOB!

last day of the university life! …… you smell freedom …. freedom from tons of Assignments, Quizzes, Mids, projects bla bla bla …….. but very soon this freedom starts scratching you from inside; whats NEXT!

Next is a Mission Impossible; mission JOB!

Well I have done BS-Telecommunication and the current situation is that the whole {almost} telecom market is saturated and it’s kindaaa tough! to find a job without a strong reference in such scenario. I belong to a business family and hardly have any reference in telecom sector. so stuck!

I got an opportunity, not for a telecom position but for marketing in Avanza Solutions, it’s a software house which provides some sort of banking/e-banking solutions but after an interview of 45 minutes the HR person said to me that what you have done you should be proud of it which you are not. Her observation was fantastic because it is like that (though I didn’t tell her) but yes I was not able to convince her that why I want to switch my field from Telecom to Marketing. I do have many answers but I got a bit confused or something …. Or I was not prepared for the type of questions she asked or I took this interview easy, it’s again because of the way the interview was planned so abruptly.

 For those who are on mission job just like me must remember some points: 

  1. Whenever you go for an interview must be fully formal which means Dress Pant, Shirt along with a Tie however coat is recommended.
  2. Must go through the history, vision, products of that particular company. The website of that company will help you in this regard.
  3. Must take a copy of your resume and other necessary documents along with you.
  4. You must know for what position/department you have been called.
  5. List down the questions that the person from that company/firm might ask you accordingly and think about the suitable answer for every possible question that you listed. Your answers must be smart (speaking truth can create mess sometimes ;-))
  6. Consider it “Once and last time Chance!”

In fact I think never take anything easy …. Consider everything once and last time chance ….. I assure you will never miss it.

I missed! …. missed an opportunity …… saying “Whatever happens has some thing good in it”. Let’s see ….

But still em on mission JOB 🙂 

 stainless Haseeb


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