Mission JOB ver2.0

This time you can call it I just missed. I received a call for an interview from a Company which is currently deals in some sort of construction equipments. They are starting a new GSM Based Car Tracking System. So I saw there advertisement in the Dawn Career and applied for it. I received a call for interview. This gave me a confidence that first time in the whole mission I got a call for an interview without any reference.

This time I fully prepared my self that I am not gonna miss it. I went for the interview they asked me couple of questions and I answered them confidently.

They offered me 15k but wanted to sign a bond for two years. This was something that needed a little consultation from the elders; he {the interview person} gave me one day time to think about it and said to tell him via email.

After coming back to home I found different opinions from different persons, someone said it good offer go 4 it, some said you will get bound for 2 years and your career growth might get stuck in an unknown organization for two years. Even though I emailed him that I am interested and just want to see the copy of the bond which I have to sign. He didn’t replied for two days. I called him the third day and shocked that he appointed someone else :S …… now what will you call it! {bull shit!} …. he gave me an offer and I didn’t negotiated on it coz initially experience is more important for me not the money. He gave me a day time and I sent him the reply. Now isn’t it his fault? Why he over commited with me? He could have said that he’s gonna let me know in couple of days.


Tough LUCK again … :S

And again I m still on mission joB!


stainless Haseeb


1 Comment

  1. soniayesha said,

    August 12, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    well there are many ways to see this situation, as two if them came in my mind after reading the post

    1) May b Al-mighty Allah is testing your patience. so have patience bro 🙂
    2) As he appointed some one else, this is called Reality…. World

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