Don’t think that I became crazy or that I have got some kind Gheerraaat Fever, it’s just a feeling or can say a question from myself.

Yesterday I went in a conference and there a representative of Wateen Telecomm was about to make an announcement, before that to create suspense he said, “You will be proud if only 5% of patriotism is left in you”. After that he announced that we are the world’s first country which has launched Wimax Commercial Network.

At that time I didn’t bothered to concentrate on these words, but today I was watching television these words came in ma mind and it insisted me to ask this question from ma self “ do I have even 5% of the patriotism in me or not?”. There was a time; in season of 14 August we {friends and family} used to decorate home especially school  not like a shaddi type scene but a little bit ….. and today ……. Its just like a normal day or a holiday {which is not normal :-D}, we were enthusiastic, aggressive and energetic at that time but I am still young, aggressive, energetic.


Are we too busy ……..


Even I think I am writing all this b/c i don’t have anything else to do …. Seriously!




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  1. soniayesha said,

    August 12, 2007 at 2:35 pm

    i think its not about that how much busy we are
    its about our priorities
    Its our habbit thatwhatever we get easily, we always take that as forgranted
    if it will be the season fo 14 feb, so every body will take out enough time to buy a single rose for his/her love one to express his/ her love becuase it is some thing, we didn’t get it from our ansestors. We adopt it from other so we give it little extra value but this land, this freedom, what we get from our ansestors.Most of us, give a damn to even imagine all that scenarios, hardships and sacrifices made by our older generation just to get a piece of land where we can move freely as we are doing it .
    It is the day, when we celebrate our freedom and pay gratitude to our forefathers for their unmatched scarifices and thank them that because of their struggles, not only we but also the generations of our up comng generation will breath with the freedom and if we want to do all this, believe me it wil hardly take 5-10 mintues. but who cares …

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