Mission JOB ver3.o

This time it was an event management company, they had nothing in there pockets …… bateen kara loo us sey … hah! ….. they took 1st interview and gave me a task to prepare a proposal for marketing. me! …… cheetah of marketing(people say that) said ….. masla hi koi nahin 😉 ….. I said I’ll email that to you 2night ….. I took some proposals that I made earlier for different societies in FAST, after a little modification I email them ….. next morning they saw my proposal and email me for another interview.

I was happy k “Job Paakiii” …… but when I went for 2nd interview, they instead of  talking about salary package or n e thing else said that how many sponsors u can fetch 4 us. 😀

Why to fetch sponsor for someone? ….. ager sponsor hi lana hai tao why not for myself ….. I do have stamina to organize my own event. ….. why 4 someone else?

What I want is to stabilize myself …it might take couple of years … after that …. I’ll go to launch my own event management company or any other type of business like that.

Still on mission JOB :S


stainless Haseeb


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  1. R.Sameem said,

    September 10, 2007 at 12:58 pm

    Woh kehtay hain na: Jo hota hai achay kay liyay hota hai……Sahi kehtay hain 😉

    Hey bro koi baat nahi if there are job versions 2, 3 or 4 but the point is kabhi kabhi soch samajh karr dhondnay say bohat behtar cheez milti hai…sabar ka phall meetha….but then again…”Dil kay khush rakhnay ko ghalib…yeh khyal acha hai” 🙂

    Anyways kahin job mil kar bhi ,aza nahi aata aur kahin dhoond dhoond kar…but the point is keh you don’t let go….keep up your spirits and we’ll pray!

    Good Luck!

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