‘Happy Ramadan’ …. Really!

Why happy Ramadan?

Was going to office on bus I saw a man carping with the Bus condector on some ticket issue and said “Rooza hai mera dimagh short nahin kerna!” …. Rooza hai tao kia hua …. ensaan ker rahay hoo kisi per? Jee nahin … it’s an order! Order of Allah for all Muslims.

After that in Sunday Bazar {@ stall} I estimated that around 40% of stall holders were not in Fasting mode. The reason that they give is; its quiet tough to setup and stand on a stall in fasting mode …. So what! If 60% of the people can … then why u cant? Not only this, they give 100z of excuses in there defense. Even sometimes they make this deed a symbol of pride for them.

This year I noticed that almost 3/5 restaurants are open in Ramadan … why?? Can’t they just sacrifice for only one month? After questioning “Chaaai Wallaa” at Sunday bazaar he replied that since there is demand for the tea … that’s why em selling it …. No demand no tea (supply).

Why we have kept religion aside from our life?

Ramadan is a month of sacrifice, self control, tolerance. Its is basically a month to practice all these things and keep practicing them round the year … and what we do! 

There are many other things which we should avoid in this mubarak month but we don’t. 

Dear Muslims, Just think about it!

stainless Haseeb


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