Aur Baaal banaoon kis k liyee …..

I am sure this is a catchy topic and everyone will read it at least once …. Well it’s about me like always. It’s about my style in an OFF day. I hardly get any holiday, always try that each and every day should have something to do that’s why I am always in mood to remain engage in any activity instead of staying at home. Monday till Friday critically engage in office work and “Sunday Bazaar” on Sundays. Mostly Saturday is also booked in some office work.

Luckily if I get any holiday; that day, I have a different style…

1.       All day in night suite – no changing clothes even if there is any plan to hang-out with friends – who cares!

2.       No Brushing teeth (ager kahin jana perh jaee tao YES!) ……. Badboo tao na aye! 😉

3.       No Hair Styling……. Wasey hi baal kaaam hain :$

Fulltime mast malang b/c jab kahil jana nahin kisi nay ana nahin tao why to sit dressed up.  I don’t know if n e one else has the same nature but I am like this and that’s how I like it!

Chutti full time!

-stainless Haseeb

P.S: I guess u thought its “aur baal banaoon kis kis k liyee” 😛


1 Comment

  1. Faisal said,

    January 29, 2008 at 4:40 pm


    terai baal hamesha sai aik jaisai hi lagtai hain

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