Well this is a kind of different look on a song in an Indian Movie; Papuu can’t dance – Saala! from Jane Tu na Jane Na. We (me and my group mates) presented a different side of this song, in our management presentation. We highlighted something which I am sure majority has ignored in this song.

In the song Papuu had everything like: he had a speedy car, he was famous in girls, he was handsome, he was well-off but he couldn’t dance!

Why? This was because he never felt (within himself) that he can dance. The lesson in this song is that there is a force in all of us which stops us from doing anything; this force has “You can’t do it!” attitude. Sometimes you must also have realized that there are many simple things which you are not able to perform. For example: In presentation; when you are talking to a group, as a sales person; when you have to deal with customers, in public speaking etc. Sometimes you feel; you didn’t said what you actually wanted to, even I experience it several times.

You need to ignore those forces hidden inside and have to believe in yourself, “You can do it!”

Whenever you hesitate doing anything just ask yourself; “only Papuu can’t do this! and I can!” — 😉


stainless Haseeb

I usually read very less but I had to read a book to give management presentation. The book is “The Magic of Thinking BIG by David S Schwartz”. I still haven’t read it all but it’s worth reading. Papuuness is one of its after effects.



  1. Abdul Khalique said,

    August 29, 2008 at 9:28 am

    Well, I think not only Pappu, but Film’s Heroine also never realized that she can also dance well. I think all credit goes to Hero, Imran Khan who encouraged her that she can perform well, and in the mean time, Pappu also decided that he too can and finally he did very well.

    So, In order to motivate people, Encouragement is really very important.

  2. September 2, 2008 at 8:38 am

    well said (Y)

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