Celebrating Ramadan

It’s just not about sacrificing your hunger, your thirst. It has a depth, a commitment with Allah to avoid all the bad habits that we have in us and adopt all good habits that are appreciated in ISLAM.

For Example we abuse, we don’t offer Namaz, we fight, we never care for others specially our elders etc. I am not feeling proud to mention here that I have all these habits, there’s a lot variation in concentration of every habit, but I have these habits.

So my celebration is to avoid (at least try to) all the above mentioned habits and start to adopt all the good habits. Just try to avoid abusing at least in this month, try to offer 5 times prayers and try to recite Holy Quran, care for others while driving, while standing in line, simply while doing anything, if he is going crazy just let him go first. Just try to be a good Muslim.

In Ramadan I always see people fighting, driving crazy, abusing, what and what not! I have seen people getting extra-benefit because of high demand. A month of BARKAT becomes a month of be-BARKAT. Let’s just not do this in Ramadan; Please For GOD sake!

stainless Haseeb

Celebrating Ramadan! 🙂



  1. jingoist said,

    September 21, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    A real good point Haseeb, ppl get crazy rather then being patient and calm in their daily routine.

    FASTing isn’t just the name of stopping your self from eating food. One should stop doing the acts-of-sins tht may include what you have mention annndd… treat people very carefully.

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