Stand up for the Champions

It’s been long time I haven’t updated my blog, it’s not I wasn’t getting time to update it but I used to think what to write; politics, current affairs, terrorism! and what impact could my post have created (among the readers); increase frustration, increase sadness, more guilty, more pain. I never want/like to be a part of any such campaign in-fact there are already many bloggers and writers who have volunteered for it  😛

But today I am happy, a wonderful performance by Pakistan Cricket team. They won against the unbeatable South Africa. They showed team-work, their strategy was fantastic (especially in the last two overs). Of course you can’t ignore the marvelous bating and bowling of Boom Boom Afridi. People call him crazy; I say he is an asset for Pakistan Cricket Team, he is just like a Nuclear Weapon for the team who occasionally show his strengths and all opponents are concerned when he is on the crease.

I am also happy because after a very long time we got this cheerful moment. Every day what we hear and see on the media is very painful and disappointing in the sense what the world’s perception is about Pakistan. Rather than going in that detail, I would say that yesterday Pakistan Cricket team proved that what Pakistan is, this is our real strength.

Finally, a message for our Cricket Team; Keep your spirits high be just like that in the finals and win this world cup for Pakistan. The nations need it!

Pakistan Zindabad!

Stand up for the champions and check this out:


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  1. Em said,

    June 22, 2009 at 11:46 am

    Yuppie, Pakistan won the T20 final as well 😀 And it was celebrated all over social media too. Checko my recent post:

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