The death Grammar

Last month I went to Islamabad for a Business Trip, my flight was early morning so I planned to attend the meetings and will take the day off early in first half and will do some shopping, meet some relatives and some other stuff. I was thinking that during my flight and I don’t know what happened and the last thing I remember is that my plane was inclined towards the ground in the free-fall mode, people were crying and shouting like anything and a bit later I was out of my body in fact watching my body burning. To summarize, I am dead!

It’s really hard to imagine this but have a look inside you and think, is this impossible? The answer is its 100% possible anytime any day. The death will not wait to finish the sentence (life) and then put a FULL-STOP. There are no rules for death, and it will come like any uninformed guest.

The point here is not to discuss the plane crash issue (like every other Pakistani, in fact like any human being I feel deeply sorrow about this unforgivable incident) but the point of concern is; nowadays I am realizing that we are becoming so much carefree that we hardly have any feelings for anyone. People die every day (drown attacks, suicide attacks, target killing) and I hear people asking; “what’s the today’s score? (Shame on them)” As if now this is a casual news for them. Just think; if this had happened to you or any of your loved one and someone would have passed the same comment!

So much so that currently we are facing the biggest ever disastrous flood in Pakistan and I can’t see any handsome spirit, any handsome efforts or contribution towards the relief (Salute to those who are in the fields but it’s not like the spirit during Earth Quake in 2005). Do you think the victims would have ever imagined that this will happen to them? The answer is again NO and just like that we are also optimistic and don’t really think around it. But can’t we see them helpless and imagine ourselves in their shoes? Are we morally dead? The answer of these questions is “Matti main mill gayeen gay! Bhulo naa!”. We all will die one day and will not be able to take anything along but just the good and bad deeds we did throughout our life. I am talking nothing new, it’s very simple and we all know this but the intensity to have faith on it is decaying.

The nations who rely on their own selves always succeed and those who rely on others always remain beggars. So if someone is still not clear on the point I want to highlight, in simple words please for GOD sake help your brothers and sisters affected from the Flood. The situation is worst ever, we have lost thousands of our brothers and sisters and millions are waiting for our help. Let’s just not wait for any foreign or local assistance, let’s start the efforts on our personal capacity. Believe me we as a nation, have the potential to STAND UNITED and fight these disasters.

Remember, we all have to die one day so take it as an opportunity to pack the things that you can take along. 🙂

God Bless Everyone!

NOTE: I have no intentions to insult or hurt anyone; the sole purpose of this post is to ignite the sense of responsibility among everyone.


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