The Ramadan Plan

On an average its takes approx. 50Rs to fulfill anyone’s one-time hunger with proper hygienic food. The dilemma is that in our country the gap b/w the “haves” and “have-nots” is getting wider day by day. There are people who are struggling hard and still are not able to fulfill the basic living requirements of their family and provide them reasonable food and basic living necessities and there are people (haves) who spend thousands of rupees in one Aftar occasion.

Consider, if you spend 500rs in an Aftar Buffet you have actually spend the amount in which 10 people would have their one time meal.

My point here is not to forbid you from doing this, it’s the blessing of Allah that we are capable (in haves) to spend this much and we should do that and always be thankful to Allah. But we should not forget our brothers and sisters who are on the have-nots side.

I am sure most of my blog readers are on the “haves” side so I just wanted to share that I have made a plan and would request all of you to follow it.

The plan is; This Ramadan whatever amount you spend on yourself especially on entertainment (Aftar parties etc.); you should also donate the same amount for those who are in dire need of basic living necessities. I don’t think spending the same amount would be monetarily noticeable for anyone of us.

Friends, we are currently going through a very sensitive phase. Our country is facing the most terrible and the most disastrous flood in the history and in this situation it’s not appropriate to leave the affected people on their own and on top of that spend thousands of rupees in the name of ‘spending good times with friends and peers’. I am not stopping you for doing it but I am just asking you to also contribute for the betterment of the society. As a nation we have the strength to stand united in these situations. Let’s just not be dependent on anyone; let’s just not beg any other country, NGO or Association. Believe in yourself only!

Imagine the worth of prays that you will earn by doing so. Imagine the happiness on the faces of people whom you will be helping. It’s a no-loss earning and believe me by doing so your internal satisfaction will be like anything.

Thanks I hope you will consider my advice and follow this plan.



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  1. Tahir Masood said,

    August 20, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    Nice article dude,

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