Well this is a kind of different look on a song in an Indian Movie; Papuu can’t dance – Saala! from Jane Tu na Jane Na. We (me and my group mates) presented a different side of this song, in our management presentation. We highlighted something which I am sure majority has ignored in this song.

In the song Papuu had everything like: he had a speedy car, he was famous in girls, he was handsome, he was well-off but he couldn’t dance!

Why? This was because he never felt (within himself) that he can dance. The lesson in this song is that there is a force in all of us which stops us from doing anything; this force has “You can’t do it!” attitude. Sometimes you must also have realized that there are many simple things which you are not able to perform. For example: In presentation; when you are talking to a group, as a sales person; when you have to deal with customers, in public speaking etc. Sometimes you feel; you didn’t said what you actually wanted to, even I experience it several times.

You need to ignore those forces hidden inside and have to believe in yourself, “You can do it!”

Whenever you hesitate doing anything just ask yourself; “only Papuu can’t do this! and I can!” — 😉


stainless Haseeb

I usually read very less but I had to read a book to give management presentation. The book is “The Magic of Thinking BIG by David S Schwartz”. I still haven’t read it all but it’s worth reading. Papuuness is one of its after effects.


In love with Musharaf

Just heard the speech of X-President Musharaf, he resigned. I don’t know what will be the after effects of it, my concern is:

Why he resigned? Why the current government always forced him to resign? They say he is corrupt, they say he has abolished Constitution of 1973, they say he is a dictator. My questions are: Are they not corrupt? Do they follow 1973 constitution? Do we deserve democracy (look at the history of past 10 years before he came; in early and mid 90’s)? Do they have any vision? What are their strategies to improve current situation? What are their plans? Finally what is their performance up till now?

I see President Musharaf as a “Leader” with all guts that a leader should have to represent a Nation. Today the way he resigned was also heart touching! The review he gave about last 8 years was outstanding in the History, except the last 1 and ½ year which I see as a conspiracy against him.

I don’t know about the others but I have no-good hopes from current govt.

The leaders who go to foreign countries for just meetings, who spend millions of rupees just to promote Judicial Campaign, have dozens of foreign bank accounts and property, have already grabbed billions and returned back for more.

At least he was the least corrupt (if corrupt) then all of them and the best thing I like about him is that he is always used represent Pakistan with a Pride, as a bold Leader. Not like someone who has no ethics to talk especially in front of media.

He is still not worried of any impeachment.

I see today’s happening just like any other abnormal happening that Pakistanis are experiencing and looking forward for something good in the country like every Pakistani. 😛


stainless Haseeb

P.S: many of you might not agree with all this, but the above is only my opinion.

and we celebrated!

We celebrated ANP, MQM, PPP, PML, MMA, what and whatnot!

This is something you might feel a total inverse of my previous post but that’s what I felt, it has not created disloyalty in me but it can create in anyone who’s illiterate.

14th August 2008 is the day when “Pakistan” got independence, but the feeling I experienced was like “the political parties I mentioned above got the independence”. I saw more political party’s flags then Pakistani flag. I saw people with less love for Pakistan and more for their Parties.

This is not fair, one day should be for country only, regardless of religion, culture, lifestyle and Parties but only and only PAKISTAN – Pakistan Zindabad!

stainless Haseeb

Proud Pakistani

I m Proud Pakistani

From the past couple of years I didn’t celebrated Independence Day like I used to, during my childhood. I still remember the competition among cousins; who has the longest flag displayed at his home.

Surprisingly this year, I am getting a feeler and I guess everybody must be getting it that people are so fed-up of the abnormal happenings and uncertain situations in Pakistan that they are least bothered about the Independence Day. At max they are just happy to get a one day off and rest (at home).

I know I am sharing it at 11th hour but still, I believe this can make a difference.

This year I have attempted to create a change, revive the patriotism among all, make people to think as Pakistani, think that this is their own country, give them the feeling “whatever is the situation, whoever is responsible, it’s(Pakistan) mine!, I love it!, will die for it!”

The way I have decided to make revive this passion is first develop my surrounding as “I am” celebrating Independence Day, a Flag on CAR, a badge on chest and long flag at any prominent location at home would do.

This will compel people to ask me the question “Are you celebrating 14-August!” or they’ll pass a comment “Aur Patriotic!” and my answer would be: aren’t you celebrating! (With a surprised emotion) afterward I’ll induce in his brain that this is his country, he is also responsible to take care of it and the minimum he can do for it is to LOVE it!

-stainless Haseeb

Proud Pakistani

P.S: I planned this activity but had no plans to post anything on blog; the credit goes to Rabia Sameem ( She motivated me to write something on my blog for the Independence Day. Thank you Miss Patriotic! 😉

Pathetic Planning

From the past 4 months I have been noticing that everyday when I leave home for office I see some maintenance going on at Nazimabad Underpasses. Well it’s a prediction which could be wrong but this is a symbol of pathetic planning. After few days heavy rain’s gonna come in Karachi (already predicted) and this would result in the blockage of all the three underpasses, after which the authorities(govt.) will give a political explanation/excuse; “ I was already under-maintenance, that’s why this bull shit happened”. This could have been completed far before but never keep any hopes from hopeless people (govt.).

It’s not about any corruption or any fraud; even it does not involve any politics. It’s just about the laziness and carelessness. Early or later they have to renovate it, but they delay the work as if someone else will do it for them 😛 .

Very minor planning is required for it … but who cares!


stainless Haseeb

Everything; made in Pakistan!

{Inspiration of this post came from one of my office colleague}

The match we fire to burn; is made in Pakistan

The Car we burn; is made in Pakistan

The one( s ) who do the “honors”; are born in Pakistan (Pakistani)

The one who’s car is burned; is born in Pakistan (Pakistani)

The one who become happy (on this); is born in Pakistan (Pakistani)

The gun you use; is made in Pakistan

The bullet you fire; is made in Pakistan

The bomb you explode; is made in Pakistan

The person who’s killed; is born in Pakistan (Pakistani)

The killer; is born in Pakistan (Pakistani)

The house we burn; is ‘in’ Pakistan

The shop/Factory/Fuel Station/restaurant we demolish; is in Pakistan

The one who cry; is born in Pakistan (Pakistani)

The one ( s ) who protest; are born in Pakistan (Pakistani)

Yet we are proud Pakistani!

I could have quoted the above as Muslims but (nauzubillah!) in my dictionary few characters above are not eligible to be titled as Muslims, being a Muslim is something very precious, my serenity doesn’t even allows to call them “Human Beings”.

howz that!

Business! ; Second name Jugar

Well yesterday I was coming back from Namaz and met my fathers friend, after a short interview covering what I am doing and all, I told him I am doing job at MIC and about my job responsibilities … he passed a comment … well that was not on me … generically he said that smart people do business but there are many intelligent people who do job and set there maximum limit.

Well that was his point of view but my point of view is that Business is all about taking Risk. An intelligent person will always play safe and will never make any risky move where as a when ever you apply any jugar there is always some percentage of risk in it, so a jugari always take risk ….. this concludes that business is a game of jugars …. The best jugari you are the best you can excel in business


add your opinions to it!

stainless Haseeb


Well em “IN” at CBM.

After a year it’s pretty uncomfortable to sit again on the plastic students chairs as now em use to sit on luxurious chairs at office, again pacing up to use PEN instead of a keyboard.

Well up till now it’s going cool! the students are of different age levels …. everyone is doing job or business …. Once again these statements frequently come in our discussion …..”Ajj Quiz na ho!” …. Arrey yaar! “Yeh Assignment bhi kerna hai” ….. ik kam ker, tu keeer lay “main chaap lung ga!”

About teachers there is a bit uncertainty but this will be clear after MID 1 😛 ….. most of them emphasize on your speaking, they make you to speak; speak what ever you like!

Last Saturday ( 7 June 2008 ) I had my first presentation in Business Communication Class, it didn’t went well but everyone appreciated and I got 4.5/5 …. :S (teacher is good, always appreciative and highlight you areas of improvement)

In short “It’s a new world; It’s a new start” —- lets see agay agay hota hai kia! — have to submit Accounting and Business Communication Assignments on coming Saturday … MAAZ bhaiiiiiiii … direly need you! … em also searching another place like nabeels home to do some combine masties …. Oh! I mean studies (A)


Stainless Haseeb

P.S: this post might be lil boring …. well its almost 6 months I haven’t posted anything, so it will take time to tune up! 😉

The Freedom to talk globally:


The rise of revolutionary new PC telephony concepts has given birth to a Pakistani venture,! The vision is to provide free international telephone service initially and then to expand, making Pakistan and its people proud! lets you call absolutely anywhere in the world for free. You have to register on the website and map a number to your account to enable it to dial for free! The receiver (on a PC) also needs to be a registered member of and he can receive any calls using a PC based phone software at the convenience of only a few clicks!

Long distance calls, which have traditionally been extremely taxing on one’s financial resources are no longer a worry. saves you thousands of Ruppees!

Just log on to and register yourself as a member. Extensive FAQ’s and guidelines will help your way to setup

Aur Baaal banaoon kis k liyee …..

I am sure this is a catchy topic and everyone will read it at least once …. Well it’s about me like always. It’s about my style in an OFF day. I hardly get any holiday, always try that each and every day should have something to do that’s why I am always in mood to remain engage in any activity instead of staying at home. Monday till Friday critically engage in office work and “Sunday Bazaar” on Sundays. Mostly Saturday is also booked in some office work.

Luckily if I get any holiday; that day, I have a different style…

1.       All day in night suite – no changing clothes even if there is any plan to hang-out with friends – who cares!

2.       No Brushing teeth (ager kahin jana perh jaee tao YES!) ……. Badboo tao na aye! 😉

3.       No Hair Styling……. Wasey hi baal kaaam hain :$

Fulltime mast malang b/c jab kahil jana nahin kisi nay ana nahin tao why to sit dressed up.  I don’t know if n e one else has the same nature but I am like this and that’s how I like it!

Chutti full time!

-stainless Haseeb

P.S: I guess u thought its “aur baal banaoon kis kis k liyee” 😛

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