Who to blame…

Why is life like this? Sometimes in life you realize just after taking a wrong turn that you are not on the right track but then it’s too late to go back. Here you are not the one who is at faulty end but you can just call it as your tough luck because at that point in time (decision time), you feel that it’s appropriate not just for yourself but also for the people around you.

Going back from this is not easy, you may realize that it was a mistake and get yourself geared up for whatever are the consequences but what about the ones around you? You were the one who took decision but going back would affect the ones around you, it will hurt them and the worst is that it may become a curse throughout their lives.

I am sure this is not my fault; even this is not somebody else’s fault. It’s just a wrong decision taken at wrong time. I know I can live with it but there will always be a regret; an unlucky looser type feeling k “Kaash!…”


Holding the sand tight!

Life is a long journey, a journey that is treasured with different accomplishments, successes and failures. We plan a lot, we plan for “what” and we end-up getting …

It’s a confusing phenomenon that in life there are times when you are so curious about getting something, you work hard put-in your maximum effort, you go sensitive, careful and emotionally attached to it but the more you get attached to it and try harder to get it, you end up losing it.

Inhay zindagi ki soghat do …

Wo jo dar badar,
khak basar hue,

Wo jo lut gaey,
be-ghar hue,

Wo na mangen tum se tumhara ghr,

Na tumhara sukh,
Na tumhara dar,

Wo to chahte hain guzar basar,

Unhi bastiyun main umar bhar,

Ye karra waqt,
Ye talkhiyan,

Ye gardishen,
ye bijlian,

Hai hamary Rabb ka ye imtehan,

Chalo kaflon ko karo rawan,

Aao mil k unka sath do,

Jo madad kary wo hath do,

K ye apni dharti k log hain,
Inhay zindagi ki soghat do,

Inhay phir wohi halaat do…

(a beautiful forwarded sms)

The Ramadan Plan

On an average its takes approx. 50Rs to fulfill anyone’s one-time hunger with proper hygienic food. The dilemma is that in our country the gap b/w the “haves” and “have-nots” is getting wider day by day. There are people who are struggling hard and still are not able to fulfill the basic living requirements of their family and provide them reasonable food and basic living necessities and there are people (haves) who spend thousands of rupees in one Aftar occasion.

Consider, if you spend 500rs in an Aftar Buffet you have actually spend the amount in which 10 people would have their one time meal.

My point here is not to forbid you from doing this, it’s the blessing of Allah that we are capable (in haves) to spend this much and we should do that and always be thankful to Allah. But we should not forget our brothers and sisters who are on the have-nots side.

I am sure most of my blog readers are on the “haves” side so I just wanted to share that I have made a plan and would request all of you to follow it.

The plan is; This Ramadan whatever amount you spend on yourself especially on entertainment (Aftar parties etc.); you should also donate the same amount for those who are in dire need of basic living necessities. I don’t think spending the same amount would be monetarily noticeable for anyone of us.

Friends, we are currently going through a very sensitive phase. Our country is facing the most terrible and the most disastrous flood in the history and in this situation it’s not appropriate to leave the affected people on their own and on top of that spend thousands of rupees in the name of ‘spending good times with friends and peers’. I am not stopping you for doing it but I am just asking you to also contribute for the betterment of the society. As a nation we have the strength to stand united in these situations. Let’s just not be dependent on anyone; let’s just not beg any other country, NGO or Association. Believe in yourself only!

Imagine the worth of prays that you will earn by doing so. Imagine the happiness on the faces of people whom you will be helping. It’s a no-loss earning and believe me by doing so your internal satisfaction will be like anything.

Thanks I hope you will consider my advice and follow this plan.


The death Grammar

Last month I went to Islamabad for a Business Trip, my flight was early morning so I planned to attend the meetings and will take the day off early in first half and will do some shopping, meet some relatives and some other stuff. I was thinking that during my flight and I don’t know what happened and the last thing I remember is that my plane was inclined towards the ground in the free-fall mode, people were crying and shouting like anything and a bit later I was out of my body in fact watching my body burning. To summarize, I am dead!

It’s really hard to imagine this but have a look inside you and think, is this impossible? The answer is its 100% possible anytime any day. The death will not wait to finish the sentence (life) and then put a FULL-STOP. There are no rules for death, and it will come like any uninformed guest.

The point here is not to discuss the plane crash issue (like every other Pakistani, in fact like any human being I feel deeply sorrow about this unforgivable incident) but the point of concern is; nowadays I am realizing that we are becoming so much carefree that we hardly have any feelings for anyone. People die every day (drown attacks, suicide attacks, target killing) and I hear people asking; “what’s the today’s score? (Shame on them)” As if now this is a casual news for them. Just think; if this had happened to you or any of your loved one and someone would have passed the same comment!

So much so that currently we are facing the biggest ever disastrous flood in Pakistan and I can’t see any handsome spirit, any handsome efforts or contribution towards the relief (Salute to those who are in the fields but it’s not like the spirit during Earth Quake in 2005). Do you think the victims would have ever imagined that this will happen to them? The answer is again NO and just like that we are also optimistic and don’t really think around it. But can’t we see them helpless and imagine ourselves in their shoes? Are we morally dead? The answer of these questions is “Matti main mill gayeen gay! Bhulo naa!”. We all will die one day and will not be able to take anything along but just the good and bad deeds we did throughout our life. I am talking nothing new, it’s very simple and we all know this but the intensity to have faith on it is decaying.

The nations who rely on their own selves always succeed and those who rely on others always remain beggars. So if someone is still not clear on the point I want to highlight, in simple words please for GOD sake help your brothers and sisters affected from the Flood. The situation is worst ever, we have lost thousands of our brothers and sisters and millions are waiting for our help. Let’s just not wait for any foreign or local assistance, let’s start the efforts on our personal capacity. Believe me we as a nation, have the potential to STAND UNITED and fight these disasters.

Remember, we all have to die one day so take it as an opportunity to pack the things that you can take along. 🙂

God Bless Everyone!

NOTE: I have no intentions to insult or hurt anyone; the sole purpose of this post is to ignite the sense of responsibility among everyone.

Tour de Sindh!

Last week I with one of my office colleague Jibran and two representatives from KalSoft Academy went on the tour to interior Sindh. The purpose of the tour was to supervise the Preliminary Test taken by KalSoft Academy after the successful execution of “Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program” a unique initiative of Government of Sindh IT Department.

Overall the tour was good but the time was not appropriate. This kind of tour should be planned somewhere between October to March when the atmosphere is pleasant. I don’t have word to tell how it feels to be in the area where the temperature is 48 Degree Centigrade.

We started our journey from Karachi to Hyderabad, stayed one night in Hyderabad then went to Mir-Pur-Khas for around 5 Hours and then left for Nawab-Shah. I tell you if you want to take revenge from anyone send him to Nawab Shah in the month of July. There is only one restaurant named “Sakoon” in whole Nawab Shah where you might get some sakoon. After spending one night in Nawab Shah the next day we left for “Sukkur”, this is also one of the hottest place in Sindh. We went for some shopping at 09:00pm in Sukkur but couldn’t continue it for more than 30minutes as the climate there was as hot as it’s here in Karachi at 01:00pm. We had plans to go to Larkana but skipped it in order to meet a pending project deadline at office.

Overall the tour was nice especially the people were really welcoming and cooperative. The land of Sindh is full of beauty, it contains some of the world best fruits specially Mango & Dates.

I drank Thandal twice in this tour and I am a BIG FAN of it, believe me this drink makes you feel “COOL” even when the outside temperature is 48 degrees. Yes; there are few challenges of security, people usually avoid travelling during night time but with very little efforts the land of Sindh can provide some of the best tourism resorts in the world.

Real Champions

Yes! We are the real champions; yesterday Pakistan proved what their strength is!

They came to the ground to be the number1, to rule the world, to stand as Champions!

The moment they won, the whole nation was at the peak of patriotism. They were celebrating the victory like anything. Crackers, Air-Firing, Shouting and of course Facebook.

Again a superb innings by Boom Bomb Afridi and you can’t ignore the superb bowling by Abdur Razaq, he gave a worm start to the team. Overall Pakistan proved what real team-work is!

This is the moment our nation was in dire need. This victory brought smile on every Pakistani face and I am sure everyone must have felt proud of being a Pakistani.

Inshallah! The spirits will remain up (y).


Pakistan Zindabad!

Checkout some more cool videos:

and the marvelous one ….

Stand up for the Champions

It’s been long time I haven’t updated my blog, it’s not I wasn’t getting time to update it but I used to think what to write; politics, current affairs, terrorism! and what impact could my post have created (among the readers); increase frustration, increase sadness, more guilty, more pain. I never want/like to be a part of any such campaign in-fact there are already many bloggers and writers who have volunteered for it  😛

But today I am happy, a wonderful performance by Pakistan Cricket team. They won against the unbeatable South Africa. They showed team-work, their strategy was fantastic (especially in the last two overs). Of course you can’t ignore the marvelous bating and bowling of Boom Boom Afridi. People call him crazy; I say he is an asset for Pakistan Cricket Team, he is just like a Nuclear Weapon for the team who occasionally show his strengths and all opponents are concerned when he is on the crease.

I am also happy because after a very long time we got this cheerful moment. Every day what we hear and see on the media is very painful and disappointing in the sense what the world’s perception is about Pakistan. Rather than going in that detail, I would say that yesterday Pakistan Cricket team proved that what Pakistan is, this is our real strength.

Finally, a message for our Cricket Team; Keep your spirits high be just like that in the finals and win this world cup for Pakistan. The nations need it!

Pakistan Zindabad!

Stand up for the champions and check this out:

Pizza Express Party


Couple of days before we(tele_freakers) went to Pizza Express for aftari. Actually we planned for Papa Jones, but few minutes before we came to know that Clifton branch is closed. So we had to shift the venue to Pizza Express, though the Pizza Sucked but the get together was good after a long time.


Pictures would explain more:


IMG_0397 IMG_0398 IMG_0399 IMG_0400 IMG_0401 IMG_0402 IMG_0403 IMG_0404 IMG_0405 IMG_0406 IMG_0407 IMG_0408 IMG_0409 IMG_0410 IMG_0411 IMG_0412 IMG_0413 IMG_0414

Celebrating Ramadan

It’s just not about sacrificing your hunger, your thirst. It has a depth, a commitment with Allah to avoid all the bad habits that we have in us and adopt all good habits that are appreciated in ISLAM.

For Example we abuse, we don’t offer Namaz, we fight, we never care for others specially our elders etc. I am not feeling proud to mention here that I have all these habits, there’s a lot variation in concentration of every habit, but I have these habits.

So my celebration is to avoid (at least try to) all the above mentioned habits and start to adopt all the good habits. Just try to avoid abusing at least in this month, try to offer 5 times prayers and try to recite Holy Quran, care for others while driving, while standing in line, simply while doing anything, if he is going crazy just let him go first. Just try to be a good Muslim.

In Ramadan I always see people fighting, driving crazy, abusing, what and what not! I have seen people getting extra-benefit because of high demand. A month of BARKAT becomes a month of be-BARKAT. Let’s just not do this in Ramadan; Please For GOD sake!

stainless Haseeb

Celebrating Ramadan! 🙂

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